Travel Tips

Renta a surfboard:.

Don`t get ripped out by the airline, and don`t pay boards bags fees, rent a new surfboard, in Playa el Tunco you will find the biggest surfshop in El Salvador, with a buyback program you can choose between all the qi-x and beto surfboards shapes. you buy the new surfboard and the shop will give you back the half of the price of the surfboards, this programs works until fifteen days of use. this way you don`t pay the boards bag fees to the airlines and surf a new surfboard in your trip, and if you like the surfboard you can take it home. contact us and we can send you a catalg of the surfboard availables.

Budget and Buses Travelers

For Backpackers and budget travelers El Salvador have different options and facilities, the public bus sistems(chicken buses)are for low price and its road and comunication sistems is in perfect conditions, since the international airport of Comalapa you can take different routes that will take you to different destination like La Libertad or San Salvador cityr, If you use the international bus sistem like you will be conected to the main central americas cities like San Salvador, from Sn Salvador you will be able to take buses direct to La Libertad and from Libertad you can take other buses routes to the different village like Tunco or Zonte, the number of buses to La Libertad from San Salvador is 202, and the buses to El zonte or Sunzal is 88, we suggest you to contact us to have a private transfers from the airport and from the different buses station from San Salvador, is faster, and safe.

Best time for begginers surfers and surflessons

El Salvador is a country wiht very consistence surf and waves,but the size of the waves are most of the time with midle sizes, is rare to find big waves sweel, thats why is the perfect country for all kind of level surfers, if you are looking for learn to surf the best season is between November and March when the waves are smaller and the beach if more sandy, blue sky and nice weather the best places to learn are El Tunco beach, el zonte and San Blas where you will finde a variaty of surfschool, surf instructors and the equipment

Don't waist time take a surf trip

If you are planing for a five days trip or a week trip and you want to surf and visit most of the spots we suggest you to take a tour, there are different companies that can provide you different services, boat trips and tours, this way you won't waist your time, you will feel more safe and you will be able to surf all the spots in the country in one week, the guides know the best spots according with the conditons and weather, you will be able to know not just the hotel surf spots, you will visit all the different areas and also other tourist destionation inside of the country, the country is very small and the roads are in perfect conditions you will enjoy your time traveling with a guide and transportation.

First class hotels and accommodation

If you are looking more for a exclusive holiday, in El Salvador you can find first class hotels with high standars on service, the most populars are Casa de Mar Resort, and Las Flores surf club in the east area, but if you are searching for smalls hotels but with good service and high standars we can suggest you hotels like Tekuani Kal or kayu surfing.

Most populars place to be

The most popular places for tourists are Playa El Tunco and Playa El Sunzal, also El Zonte, where you will find different hotels hostals, shops, bars and restaurants where you can know more travelers, those places are popular becouse of the short distance of San Salvador city and the airport, also because are the most popular spots for surf, around this area you will find different spots, beaches and village where you can visit by the national buses sistem.

I invite you to visit our F.A.Q before you travel to our country, also contact us for any question, we will be glad to suggest you the best options according with your expectation.






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